SAVE Program - Loves Park, IL and the Rockford area

New non-drug treatment for Autism and ADHD symptoms in 5 days!

Offered Exclusively At:
Advance Medical Rehabilitation Center
1820 Windsor Rd., Loves Park, IL

SAVE Program Helps Adults Too!

  • The Save program can help enhance the skills and abilities needed in the workplace:

    You are creative but have trouble organizing
  • You read a report multiple times and still don't understand it
  • Multi-tasking causes frustration and stress
  • You struggle to express yourself and your ideas
  • You have difficulty translating ideas into actions
  • You lack attention to detail

SAVE helps:

  • Listening
  • Concentration
  • Memory
  • Organization
  • Motor Skills
  • Auditory and Visual Processing

Sensori-Motor Auditory Visual Education

It’s Fast

The SAVE Program is an accelerated sensory integration program that combines three proven treatments for Sensori-motor, Auditory and Visual that when applied together results in more rapid and effective outcomes than when applied separately. This three-pronged approach helps the patient to, retrain and expand their ability to take in, process and utilize information more effectively.

Three Therapies at One Time

Training all three senses together allows for a more natural approach to sensory development. Dr. Block calls it “rebooting the brain stem”.


The program is individualized for each participant through specific and targeted pre and post testing that guides and tracks progress. It can be helpful for all ages, college students too.