Ideal Protein Diet Week 12

Phillips Wyman – Monday, August 08, 2011
From Jennifer B.

Well I lost my last pound to make 20 pounds. I am close to my goal, so my program will change a bit now. So, I thought I would share the success of some of our other patients. Our first dieters are a couple who have been long time chiropractic patients. In 8 weeks, he has lost 20 pounds and 14 and 1/2 inches. She has lost 21 pounds and 17 inches!!

We are so excited for all of our patients. It is a great feeling to help others feel better about themselves.

We are having a no-obligation informational seminar on Tuesday August 23rd at 6pm here at the clinic located at 1820 Windsor Rd. Loves Park, IL. Call us at 815-986-4411 if you are interested in attending. Hope to see you there- I will have more success stories for you next week!

signed Jennifer B.

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